It’s very normal to think about dating when one is young, but we often don’t know how to discuss it with young people. Dating has changed so much in recent years, but the principles remain the same: 

  • We want young women to value themselves, and to make positive choices
  • We want young women to understand how dating fits into their wider priorities so that they can ensure that they lay good foundations for their futures, excelling at school and building good friendships

Below are some reflection questions that could be useful in discussing this topic with your mentor: 

  • Are they experiencing peer pressure at school and how would you deal with it?
  • Have my friends influenced me to do things I didn’t want e.g. drugs or alcohol?
  • What is dating?
  • What are they looking for in a relationship? What are they looking to avoid?
  • Who do they know who has a good relationship? Why do they think it’s good?
  • What is a healthy dating relationship? Tips for having such?
  • How do you balance your social life (friends and relationships) with your other responsibilities at home and school?

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