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The resources on this website are written by women who have experience working with young women and girls in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. They are designed to inspire busy women who seek to transform the lives of women and girls in their own African communities. 

Topics covered include:

    • Understanding what youth work is and why it is important
    • How to get funding
    • How to design projects that work in your community
    • How to ensure your projects are sustainable
    • Working with young women in the digital era
    • Developing safeguarding systems that work
    • Empowering young women as leaders 

The toolkits  are designed to be accessed through your phone (although they will also work on your laptop or tablet). We have designed them to use as little of your data as possible. 

We know that the situations faced by women across  Africa, or even within cities, are different. These guides are not designed to tell you how to set up and run a project to empower young women, but to guide you to better understand your own work, and to reflect upon how to apply principles to meet your own needs. 

This is achieved by providing you with ideas, information, and reflection questions. You can use each toolkit as a workbook for yourself or your colleagues, so you can read, reflect, and consider how to increase the impact of your existing project, or develop firm foundations for your new youth club

Each chapter links to related content, so you can find specifically what you need. 

Finally, share what inspired you with your friends and colleagues! You can share each page easily using Whatsapp.

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Launched in 2019, Project GROW has given women working to empower young women and girls the opportunity to learn from each other and build each others’ skills.

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