Launched in 2019, Project GROW has given women who are working to empower young women and girls the opportunity to learn from each other, and build each others’ skills. 

The project focuses on how we can deliver informal learning projects for young women in our communities across Africa. 

Traditionally, education was always about more than the classroom. Today, many girls leave education with insufficient skills, and without the confidence to thrive—either in the workplace, as business women, as community leaders, or as campaigners for their rights, and those of the most needy. This has shown the need harness the power of other forms of learning. 

Informal learning like youth clubs, sports activities, and mentoring, empowers our young women to think critically, develop soft skills and practice their skills in friendly environments. This is learning that women have always delivered and led to younger generations, and through Project GROW we are re-emphasising its importance, and how to harness its power for the modern era. 

Project GROW fosters cooperation and exchanges in the field of youth work between Europe and Sub Saharan Africa, in order to advocate for youth work as an integral part of development.