We know that academic success is the route to a better future for our young African women and girls. Parents expect good results, and girls need them if they are going to get places in the schools and courses they want. 

Did you know that not everyone learns in the same way? Helping each girl to understand her study habits allows her to identify her strengths and address her weaknesses. 

Helping Young Women to Discover their Learning Habits

Every young woman or girl learns differently, even if our African schools do not always have the capacity to recognise this. 

This quiz can help your mentor to understand how she learns, and for you to help her to work with her to achieve the best learning approach. What’s Your Learning Style? 20 Questions (

Look at these questions with your mentee: 

I never revise more than an hour for testsYes/ No
I only revise the night before a testYes/ No
If I study too much, I will not have time for funYes/ No
If I do study, I do not have time for anything else, such as my chores. My family does not give me enough time to study.Yes/ No
I study with music or the television onYes/ No
I struggle to find a quiet place to studyYes/ No
There is nowhere for me to study where I liveYes/ No
I cannot sit and study for long periods of timeYes/ No
I often doodle or get distracted in classYes/ No
I have trouble taking notesYes/ No
I do not use revision materials for testsYes/ No
I never organise my class notesYes/ No
I have trouble keeping up with my readingYes/ No
I don’t always get my homework doneYes/ No
I cannot recognise the main ideas in a chapterYes/ No
I would like to read fasterYes/ No
I have trouble writing essayYes/ No
I often try to get out of difficult assignmentYes/ No

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