One of Chidi’s funders came for a visit. Chidi hadn’t expected it, but she was excited. If they were willing to spend extra time at her project, perhaps they were interested in giving more money. When they visited, they asked to see the evaluation forms that Chidi had spoken about. Luckily, she had everything stored online. She didn’t have space to store lots of paper records, and she wasn’t confident that she could keep the records confidential at home. Within minutes she was able to share the evaluation forms securely with the funder. They were so impressed that they asked her to share her system with them.

Not just stories, but all our youth club’s achievements need to be recorded carefully. We need to be able to demonstrate them in the future and to provide further evidence if asked for. It’s important that we can store documents safely so that the girls’ and youth workers’  private information, and financial information, are secure. It’s easy to set up cloud storage for these – and free if you are a small organisation, needing to store relatively few documents. 

  • Google and Microsoft offer free or discounted document storage to NGOs [learn more].
  • Ensure your passwords are secure, and that you only share information with trusted people. 
  • You can use Google forms so that all your application forms, evaluation forms, and a story collection, are automatically recorded online. This also allows you to collect data for future analysis and simplifies analysis and storage. 
  • You can store photographs and videos easily, and share them with others.

Reflection Questions

  1. Revert to the questions you came up with in the last section and put these questions in a Google form! 
  2. Share the Google form with someone in your youth club to check that they can access it and answer these questions via their phone.

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