Learning is a result of listening, which in turn leads to even better listening and attentiveness to the other person. In other words, to learn from the child, we must have empathy, and empathy grows as we learn.

Alice Miller

Sometimes funders request case studies – stories told in a way that details the situation and context of your youth club so that it can be well understood by people – including those who have never been to an African country – and who do not understand your project. Writing a case study needn’t simply be a chore, but can actually be undertaken as an evaluation exercise after a term, or a specific event, to help your youth club team see what you have achieved. Writing this up will give you a deeper understanding of what you have done, what you would repeat, what you would change and the real needs of the young women you are working with.

Steps and questions for your youth club case study:

  • Explain the background of your youth work, remembering that you take many things for granted about the realities in your community and the lives of young women that your funders won’t understand. 
    • What are your youth organisation’s mission and vision?
    • Who do you serve? Why do these women and girls need help? What does a typical day look like for one of these young women? Describe it in detail, from the time she gets up, the chores she does, the food she eats, her sleeping conditions, and the challenges she faces every day at work or school… 
    • What does your youth programme do?
    • Is there any other background information that would be helpful?

Detail the Challenge your Youth Workers Face

  • Explain the issues that were faced from the outset of your project or programme. Explain the things you see as normal but would be unusual for outsiders, e.g. regular power cuts or problems with Wi-Fi make your working life a challenge. That many people in your team are not familiar with computers. That it’s hard to build trust with new people, so it takes time for people to communicate well within your team.

Explain What You Do in Your Community

  • What specific actions did you take to address the challenges young women face in your community? Be sure to note why.
  • How did you overcome the challenges you noted above?
  • How do your actions work toward your girl’s club’s mission and vision?

Show Off your Youth Club’s Impact

  • How have your youth activities improved young women’s lives?
  • How will this impact their futures?
  • Did anything in your youth project design, methodology, or a particular activity have a notable impact? Explain what it was and why.

Sharing Learning with Youth Workers and Other Youth Clubs

  • What did you learn?
  • What surprised you about the results?
  • What do your results say about the larger challenge/issue at hand?


  • Summarise your impact
  • Share your dreams for the future and how you will expand this impact
  • Share a call to action to let your audience know how they can help you. One call is enough, so be discerning. Could they volunteer, donate, or spread awareness…?

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