Recent graduates and school leavers find themselves unprepared for the job application process and do not know how to present their CVs or prepare for interviews. Looking for a job is challenging for young women due to the high unemployment rates in most of our growing African economies. Skills and experience mismatch from the various sectors also makes this process difficult; many employers ask for several years of experience which recent graduates have not yet attained. Long recruitment periods also discourage many young people and give up on looking for jobs all together.

Mentors can play an important role in supporting young adults in applying for jobs, writing CVs and preparing for interviews. They should also encourage them throughout this process which may be longer than anticipated while helping them to manage their expectations, especially in their first job. Most times the first job a mentee gets isn’t everything they hope for; this disappointment should not be interpreted to mean the ending or only accomplishment of their career.

Mentors can also play an important role in offering guidance on what is good or fair working conditions or job offers: many of our young people do not know what to expect in the workplace, or what terms are typical. They may also not be aware of the scams that lure in jobseekers and may lead to identity theft, financial losses or even trafficking [Learn more here].

Work with your mentor to write her CV.  The website below can give you ideas and inspiration to get you started.


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