Our African education systems do not always reward or encourage reflection and we may find that this approach is as new to us as it is to our mentees. Young women learn from example, and we cannot give what we do not practise and understand. To teach young women to reflect, it helps if we also practice this and learn these skills through our mentoring experience so far. 

Here are some questions for you to reflect upon – we encourage you to ask yourself one or two after every session and to reflect on all of them every term or semester.

  • What has worked well?
  • How has your mentee inspired you?
  • What has she taught you about young women’s challenges and issues that you should share with your team?
  • Have you found using a mentoring guide/programme helpful?
  • What resources have you used that could be shared with other mentors, or added to your organisation’s guide?
  • What skills have you learnt? 
  • How have you shared knowledge and learning with the other mentors in your organisation? Have the methods you used been accessible? How could they be improved?
  • What challenges have you encountered? How did you overcome them?


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