We all know of people who like policies. They like beautiful, pristine documents locked in cupboards and filed away for safekeeping. If anyone asks, they can produce this policy, but is it actually making a difference?

African youth organisations committed to our young women and girls 

When we start youth organisations and activities, it isn’t (or shouldn’t be) for our own glory. Similarly, when we work within these organisations, it should be because we are committed to their missions to empower and uplift women and girls and to build the next generation of leaders. We cannot do this if we are not committed to keeping every woman and girl involved in our organisations safe. If we value someone and value their future and potential, we value their safety. We do not put people we value in danger. 

Building a culture of safeguarding 

An organisation with a safeguarding culture is better for all of us. 

  • It means that our concerns, as youth workers, for the girls we work with or our own selves and colleagues, are heard and acted upon.
  • It means that each person – staff, volunteers and young people – know that the organisation is committed to preventing abuse. 
  • It means people have the confidence to speak up when they are worried about so that risks are prevented before it is too late 
  • It means that when something does go wrong, we know how to deal with it and are ready to do so in sensitive ways
  • It means we are always learning, and able to recognise how to do things better
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