As a mentor, it is important to understand the education system your girls or young women are experiencing to give the best advice to your mentee about their academic performance. Each of our African countries has different education systems, and it’s important that we are aware of our own. Sometimes we find that the system has changed since we were in school, and we need to be up to date to give the best support possible. 

Below are some reflection questions to help us as mentors understand the education system in our own countries. You can use these questions to develop resources for all of your mentors so that they have the information they need at their fingertips: 

  • What opportunities does the current education system offer?
  • What challenges do they face with the education system? How can you help them deal with these challenges?
  • What is the current level of education of my mentees and their aspirations?  
  • Is my mentee aware of the various options of education after high school? (eg. college, university and vocational training institutions?)
  • Is my mentee aware of the application process to college/university?
  • What are the career aspirations of my mentees?
  • How can I help my mentee align her career aspirations to the education system? (i.e do they need a degree/certificate/diploma for their future profession?)
  • Can they speak to someone already working in the area they want to work in?
  • Add useful links to the Education System in your country to help mentors educate themselves and be able to give appropriate advice to mentees (e.g. National examination bodies, different curriculums for the different levels, applications to institutions of higher education etc.)

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