It’s easy to see in hindsight is a phrase we may be familiar with. We can look back at things that have happened and realise that we made a mistake, or tell ourselves that we would have done it differently with the knowledge we have now. This can be in response to fixing something that went wrong, or thinking that we could have done something better. 

Often we find that young women worry a lot about things in the present, and we know, with our more experienced eyes, that they will look back and realise that it wasn’t as worrying as it seemed. One way to help them appreciate this is to ask them to reflect on their past experiences. 

Here are two exercises that you can do with your mentee: 

Write a letter to your younger self

Think about the things you wish you would have known a couple of years ago. Remember the things you were struggling with or worried about and how you overcame them with time. Reflect on all the things you have achieved so far, no matter whether they are big or small things.

Write a letter to your older self

Think about what kind of things you hope to have achieved and what kind of person you expect to have become by then. How can you encourage your future self to continue working on your goals? Remind yourself what strengths and interests you have now and how these can help you in the future!

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