There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. 

Nelson Mandela

What is the purpose of a youth group?

We must know the purpose of our organisations. We can’t plan for the future if we don’t know what we are trying to achieve. And if we are going to engage others – staff, volunteers, donors, or even the parents of the young people we want to serve – we need to be able to explain our work.

Can you explain why your project is needed, and why the formal education that local children and young people receive at school isn’t enough to give them the skills they need to thrive? If you want to know more about the difference between formal and informal education, and why youth work is important, so you can explain your project to others, please see our report here.

So, why is your youth project important?

Reflection Questions

  1. Why is your project needed?
  2. Why is your project needed?
  3. Has the local community (girls, young women and their parents) welcomed it? Why or why not?
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